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Brand Template

Backpack is a brand template designed to take a business focused on outdoor products, rugged equipment adventure gear, and e-commerce to the next level. Contact our team to begin customizing this template with your business information.

This Package Includes:


*Website-Only $7,250

How it Works

Browse our brand store to find a design template that aligns with your vision for a modern, professional business. Once you find the perfect fit, contact us to get started.

Now that you’ve purchased an aesthetic. We will work with you to customize your template with the correct business name, values, and services. We work with you to ensure each asset accurately reflects your business information.

Once you approve the finished assets, we will transfer you the final design files and help to launch your new brand website.

As a final step, we take down the brand template from our store so that it cannot be purchased again. You are now the owner of a truly one-of-a-kind brand.