The Story of Goji Branding

Our Story

Rare like the berry we're named for.

When you think about Goji, you probably imagine the little red berries that are so popular in juices, teas, and smoothies around the world – but we’re not named for those. We’re named for Lycium ruthenicum, otherwise known as the “Black Goji berry”. These little known cousins to the Red Goji are much more rare, and better in almost every way. More nutrition. More flavor. Drinks made from them even turn psychedelic purple. The point being: berries are a lot like brands. Sometimes brands settle for a mediocre strategy, when they could have the best.  At Goji Branding, we want to take the things that make your business great and put them on full display. Don’t be another red berry, lost in the crowd. Be bold, stand out, and let us help you along the way.

Our Principles

What Makes Us Different


We reimagine what brands can be by treating each business as unique – not copying what is common or popular.


We follow best practices but design custom strategies and provide recommendations that serve your business goals.


We value collaboration and active communication between our team and yours. Reach out to us anytime for consultation.


Don’t settle for a company that provides you assets without strategy – work with one willing to disrupt the market with you.

Our Team

Experts With Proven Experience

Luke M. Bryant

Founding Partner

Melissa Robinson

Founding Partner

Kaarthik Tharmiya

Founding Partner

Emily Bryant

HEad of Business Development

Sarah Robinson

Creative Director